Saturday, August 4, 2007

Gabe Crashes the Party

This was a glorious day for the Homemade Heroes. We took part in Project Birthday, quite possibly our most gratifying "heroic deed" (as Gabe would put it) thus far. The organization puts on a monthly birthday party for children living in Serna Village, a beautiful community for formerly homeless families. As these photos attest, Gabe was a busy volunteer, helping four children make blissful birthday memories. This was yet another opportunity brought to us through Hands On Sacramento.

Gabe here: I thought it was AAAAWESOME crashin' the party! It was fun serving treats to the birthday kids and blowing up balloons. It made me feel mature going around and making people name tags and what not. Catch ya later!!

The Element of Surprise

We caught this lovely woman at 10 pm, looking adorable in her nightgown. She was happy to get flowers and peach cobbler, but more pleased by far to be visited by charming young children, as her grandchildren are all as yet childless adults.
In case you're wondering, our florist of choice is Trader Joe's, where we can get sumptuous bouquets for a paltry $4.99.

Sophia here: She's nice. I would like to come over again.

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