Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Santa's Little Heroes

When Christmastime rolled around we had a bit of money in the treasury. Club members had been paying 5% of their allowance as dues. Mommy even paid 5% of her substitute teaching paychecks. We wanted to do something special for Christmas.
We discovered that the U.S. Postal Service releases children's letters to Santa Claus, to anyone who cares to pick them up. We liked this opportunity, because it left all the responsibility of shopping, wrapping and delivery to us, and we would have the fun of seeing their faces at delivery time. We found two letters from children living in the same foster home, not too far from us. On the day we drove up with our bags of treasures, the kids were both outside already. It would have felt awkward to take pictures at that time, so unfortunately we can't share that moment with you. But it will live on in ours and those two children's memories.

Sophia here: We bought the presents with our dues. After I had done that kind thing, I felt happy 'cause I had done something kind. I'm very glad that I did a kind thing to help somebody else.

Here's Gabe, using his well-honed sense of style to choose a cool hoodie for the boy.

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